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Gravity conveyors

Gravity conveyors are designed for most types of manufacturing and material handling systems. Our gravity conveyor systems some of the most efficient in the industry, both mechanically and economically. Quite often gravity conveyors need to be modular and flexible so they can be moved around to suit current needs as your plant grows or is upgraded to meet changing conditions.

Personnel Gate The personnel gate provides a minimum opening of 900mm for personnel access through long conveyors. A gas filled strut is attached to the bed to assist the operator in safely raising and lowering the gate.

Race Wheel Gravity ConveyorsBesides rollers, race wheels or skate wheels can be used in gravity bed systems. This will result in a lighter conveyor, hence easier to move around. This type of conveyor is mainly applicable for conveying lightweight goods such as crates, cardboard boxes, etc.

Gravity Curves In addition to straight beds, at Advance Conveyors Pty Ltd we offer other types of beds to accommodate different factory layouts. The second most popular type of bed is curved conveyors. They are usually bolted onto straight beds. Curved beds come in different angles ranging from 30o, to 90o. Curves are applicable for both roller and race wheel gravity beds

Straight Bed Gravity Conveyors This type of roller gravity conveyor is the most popular type of conveyor beds. You have the freedom to choose the material for both frame and rollers to best suit your application.

There are mainly three different types of gravity conveyors:

  • Medium Duty Gravity Conveyors
  • Medium Heavy Duty Gravity Conveyors
  • Heavy Duty Gravity Conveyors

  • With the choice of the following material selection:

    • Mild Steel
    • Galvanised Steel
    • Zinc Plated

Besides, there are couple of roller types/material with different types of bearings to choose from, depending on the application:

  • Mild Steel (≥1.6mm wall thickness tube)
  • Galvanised Steel (≥1.6mm wall thickness tube)
  • Stainless Steel ((≥1.6mm wall thickness tube)
  • Poly
  • PVC
  • Aluminium

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