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Food Conveyors – Sanitary Conveyors

Our Sanitary and food conveyor systems are designed for conveying raw products or fully processed goods in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Design also includes cool room and freezer applications.

Our conveyors are designed to allow for frequent wash down without the concern that the conveyor would be picking up water or waste product in crevices , or anywhere around the conveyor whether during operations or during wash downs.

Personnel GateA mesh model conveyor, a popular type used in the food processing industry. Like most other type of systems, this system is designed and built to suit your specific needs. .

Straight and curved transport sectionsOur gravity conveyors system is one of the most efficient conveyor systems, both mechanically and economically. Stainless steel frames are usually the most commonly used frame in the food industry due to its properties, mainly resistance to rust, with the flexibility to choose between stainless steel, polypro, or pvc rollers.

Inclined modular belt This product is mainly used in the food processing industry. This type of conveyor is designed to convey food by batches. The design of the thermoplastic belt ensures the water is kept out.

Rollex bearings and spare parts

We distribute and assemble one of the world’s leading ranges of food and sanitary conveyor components from Rollex Forderelemente GMBH of Germany. Rollex replacement parts can be easily fitted to plastic or stainless steel tubing and axle materials in new or existing conveyor frames.

Rollex Components – Provide these options

  • Roller Bearings in sizes Ø20mm - Ø89mm
  • Idler bearings and driven styles
  • Stainless Steel Balls used in construction
  • High quality sealed styles are available
  • Non-bearing sanitary bush styles
  • Sprocket drive heads in a fixed or friction accumulating drive
  • Single and duplex sprockets
  • Composite Polymers and stainless steel sprockets
  • Universal multi-directional rollers Ø48mm – Ø120mm